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Engagement Photos: Jacqie + Ken

Yesterday, we did an engagement shoot with Jacqie and Ken, a delightful couple whose wedding we’ll be photographing on August 12. I know Jacqie through my good friend Stu, who is her older brother. Me and Stu go back 10+ years, but only recently have I gotten to know Jacqie. Well, it’s about time … she and her fiancé are super cool.

They met back in September, and both go to a music academy in Boston. Jacqie plays viola, Ken plays the trumpet. On Friday night, I gave Jacqie a call to see if they’d brought their instruments along on Spring Break. Thankfully they did, and we were able to incorporate this common bond into their shoot.


We met up at Commons Park in Lower Downtown Denver. It’s a spectacular spot — probably the most photogenic in the city — but on this day, our famous Colorado climate decided to throw some schizophrenic conditions at us. Sunny in the morning (yay!), but cloudy in time for the shoot (boo!) with a late-afternoon shamal thrown in for good measure. Welcome to Colorado, Ken. It’s more reliable in August, I promise (I hope, I knock on wood…).

Perhaps I exaggerate a bit on the weather, but we made the most of it and started the shoot by the Millennium Bridge, where they have this cool brick wall.

From there we moved into the park and shot at a few settings, including this random staircase to nowhere (above).



Jacqie and Ken are headed back to Boston today after a week of wedding planning. Congrats to them both — Hailey and I are looking forward to their wedding in August.


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