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Switzerland: Desaturated, and in Black and White

A banner cloud drapes around the summit of the Matterhorn near Zermatt, Switzerland.

(Click on images for a larger view)

I recently spent two weeks touring around Switzerland with my wife and our one-year-old daughter. It was a magnificent trip — one of those get-it-out-of-my-system-now kinds of trips while Varenna is young and portable. Ha! That’s at least what we thought when we booked the trip in January. She’s a bit more … mobile, shall we say.

But we had a very good time, and ultimately, I was pleasantly surprised with the images I returned home with. In the moment, we both were a bit distracted trying to keep our daughter entertained, engaged, and safe. We worked hard every hour of the trip, just not on photography. Or so it seemed.

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Cora Rhiannon Lamberton – Feb. 10, 2009

On Tuesday, our good friends Tim and Elexis welcomed their first-born daughter to the world — Cora Rhiannon Lamberton. Wednesday night we drove down to Sky Ridge Medical Center with our friend Jenny to meet her. As with most newborns, she mainly sleeps, cries, passes gas, squirms a bit and studies things intently with her eyes, but already you can tell she’s a sweet little girl. I mean just look at her:

Both Tim and Lexi seemed remarkably relaxed and laid-back for first-time parents. That’s Tim (above) wrapping her up in her blanket. If his residential law gig doesn’t pan out someday, he could always work at Chipotle. Nice wrap, man.

While we were there, Tim’s brother and sister-in-law — Rory and Natalie — stopped by. Below is Rory holding Cora for the first time, and Jenny watching her sleep.

Tim recently started his own family blog, which will document Cora as she grows up. For this circle of friends — which consists of four couples: Hailey and me, Tim and Elexis, Matt and Jenny, and Stu and Shannon — this was the first baby.

I love this one (below). It’s always fascinating to watch a newborn figure things out with their eyes. Here, she’s studying Hailey (with a little suspicion, no less).

The funny thing about me holding Cora is that she’s so small, the enormity of my head really comes through, don’tcha think?

Tim, Lexi and Cora checked out of the hospital midday Thursday, after checking in midday Monday. It was a long delivery, but they’re home and happy (in fact, Tim just called asking for a quick tutorial in WordPress).

Mama Lex and Papa Tito. Congrats guys.


The blog has been pretty static, but I’m going to be ramping up with a lot more imagery in the coming days and weeks. We just purchased an AlienBees ABR800 Ring Flash. Why? Hopefully the bad ass images it takes will explain why. Plus, birthday images (Jer and Isaiah turned 3 on Sunday) and hopefully an announcement of 2009’s big trip. We’re hopefully booking plane tickets this weekend. Stay tuned.

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The Stone/Canino Family


Last weekend, I did a second photo shoot for the Stone family, this time with more family members: Ryan’s sister Shana and her family (the Caninos) and their mother, Charlotte.


The shoot was a mixture of outdoor environmental portraits at Southmoor Park, and indoor portraits in front of — you guessed it — the white seamless backdrop.


And rather than tell the story and put these shots in chronological order, I’m feeling like we should shuffle things up. Here’s brother Matthew and sister Lilli. Such great kids.


I’m not inclined to do a lot of black-and-white photography — kind of goes against my natural style, especially when it comes to travel photography. But perhaps portraits are another matter. I decided to try a few of these desaturated and I kind of like them. You can click on each photo to see them larger. Thoughts? (let me know in the comments box below).


Here are all the grandkids with Charlotte…


…and the Canino family portrait (Matthew, Matt, Shana and Lilli)…


…and the parents on their own.

We had a pretty tight list of arrangements to go through, and with a rough wind kicking up (we were 24 hours from sub-zero temps here in Denver), we had to move quickly from one arrangement to the next.


Thank goodness for snowballs and a sense of humor:


I’ve added a wider roll of white seamless paper to my Christmas wish list. Any bigger and I’ll need an assistant in setting it up, but with groups of this size, it will be so much easier to frame everyone in front of it.


We had a lot of fun, and I think the kids responded to some of the loosy-goosy moments.


As I was packing up my camera gear, Matthew asked if I could take a picture of him eating his graham cracker. “Sure…chomp on the count of 3? 1…2…3!”


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