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Taking a break from redesigning TanagerPhotography.com and thought I’d share one last set of Barack-o-lanterns. Happy Halloween to all of you.

I met Hailey today for lunch at Chipotle. As we parted ways with me heading back to the office, and her heading home, we hatched the idea that we should carve two more. The first Barack is looking pretty horrific. Hailey refers to it as “The Klingon.”

Since we live on a fairly busy street, we don’t get many trick-or-treaters, and those we do are the neighbors’ kids — all of them are under 6 years old, so it makes for an early night and a boatload of leftover Snickers.

So at 4:30pm today, Hailey calls me. “I’m calling to tell you you need to head home and carve a pumpkin with me before the kids come.”

Yes, I can take nice pictures, but that doesn’t mean I’m universally artistic. I suck at carving. The one on the right is mine. I tried to carve “HOPE” on the side, but didn’t leave enough room for the “E.” So rather than having a HOP pumpkin, we plugged the holes.

These were taken on the front porch with traffic creating a nice light-trail effect on Holly St.

Happy Halloween and if you haven’t voted yet, be sure to on Tuesday (even if its for McCain). I’m hoping the new website will be live and rocking by Sunday. Expect a grand unveiling soon!

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So this weekend, my very lovely and very gifted wife Hailey set about carving a Barack-o-lantern. Yes, it says HOPE along the right side, and no, Barack no longer looks like Barack (let’s just say that the dry air in this battleground state is hell on pumpkins). As soon as Hailey was done with it Saturday afternoon, we took it to the darkest part of the house and lit it. Hailey’s first comment: “It looks like Bill Cosby.” Hey: sure beats a yard sign.

Happy Halloween (no matter your political persuasion).

UPDATE: Check this out: http://yeswecarve.com/

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